I am doing my best to offer and build instruments as close to (in feel  and sound) and in the building methods like they once were,  with just a few upgrades like trued fingerboards, better shielded cavities, in the  case of bass an onboard preamp and a usable 5 string, just to name a  few. Other musical instrument builders have what I consider a signature  sound, however I think to get that sound across they may have needed to  package it in something familiar and what more familiar than what most call a  J or P shape. For me, like I said I want to offer something  that I feel has been lost and a lot of players seem to need. If I can  offer it issue free with the option of a few modern upgrades without  sacrificing the integrity then it only makes sense to do so. Any method of building or “change” applied to instrument building will affect the  overall tone out come. This doesn't make a good or bad instrument just  its own thing. I want to keep things as true to the original instruments I own and use when gigging because I like the way they sound and feel I hope most of people will too.  *taken from bassgear  online

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